Code Edge Inc  is a non-profit organization which provides a program directed to the growing number of  bright, creative, and impressionable, young students who are unable to afford a top-notch, quality computer programming curriculum.  It provides affordable opportunities to increase interest in computer programming for under-served elementary, middle and high school youth. The organization will create partnerships with universities, corporations, local school districts and community organizations to provide affordable training in computer programming.

The mission of Code Edge Inc is the pursuit of the following:

  • Engage the underserved, youth population into an interest of computer programming as well as career choice possibilities.
  • Dedication to provide the local youth with affordable opportunities to learn about computer programming via out-of-school programs which may not otherwise be available to them.
  • Gain self-awareness and confidence by means of hands-on experience and technical knowledge in computer programming.
  • Excel in computer technologies skills which provides the impetus for self-development and increased studies in the fields of mathematics, engineering, and science.

We strive to teach children our EDGE principle.

The EDGE Principle™

Engage yourself in learning always
Dedicate yourself to working hard to reach your potential
Gain knowledge by consistently working hard to achieve all that you can
Excel in your skills so that you can have access to a better future

Get the Edge!!

Our federal tax id is 45-4213512.