Partnership with Calvary Ministries of the West End Community, Inc.

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May 11, 2012

For more information, please call:
Kendal or Marina Harrell
Code Edge Inc.


Summer Camp
Local Youth to Learn Computer Programming

DURHAM, North Carolina— Considering the hours that young people spend playing video games, one would think they would consider the journey from game creation to consumption intriguing. Rather, most young consumers don’t even consider the career opportunities that are literally at their fingertips.

Code Edge Inc. co-directors Kendal and Marina Harrell, veteran software developers, introduced their own children to computer program languages with that very thought in mind. After researching programming camps that were exorbitantly priced, the couple decided to do it themselves.

“There are certain disciplines and careers that allow innovation and creativity,” said Marina, who noted that their research also revealed that minorities, particularly African-Americans, were not pursuing careers in the computer programming field.  Contributing to the low numbers is a lack of exposure to the field and the fact that youth from impoverished backgrounds can least afford the cost of specialty camps.

To bridge the gap, Code Edge now partners with community organizations and churches to offer intensive—but fun— instruction.  The couple will be working with Calvary Ministries of Westend Community, Inc.  to introduce computer programming to their summer campers.  Over a seven-week period, youngsters will learn a fun programming language specifically developed by MIT for instruction in an interactive development environment.

“It is a more visual, designed-based language,” said Kendal. Ultimately, the students will be able to take the concepts and use them to learn other languages.

Along the way, the campers will participate in hands-on games and exercises and work in teams to develop culminating projects that will demonstrate their knowledge and inspire them to think about a future in computer programming.

“Calvary Ministries is excited about the partnership with Code Edge.  This will give the summer campers opportunities to explore, expand, enrich and engage themselves in the area of technology, said Rebecca Oats of Calvary Ministries of the West End Community, Inc.